The open-calls


1. Open Call for Projects – Drifting Architecture Thematic Exhibition 2016

The Triennale team also launches an open call for the selection of the projects to be presented at the Drifting Architecture Thematic Exhibition.

Inheriting a common history, the architecture of this region defines its identity today by making renewed use of local resources and by taking a critical stance with respect to international mainstream trends. For this reason we feel the need for a thematic exhibition.

This open call responds to the constant need to identify the most recent examples of quality architecture. Targeting both emerging offices and well-established practitioners, it is a public inquiry which gives the opportunity to outline a complete, and thus more relevant image of the architecture built in the last 3 years in Central and Eastern Europe. This request is also open to experiment and innovation.

The selected projects will be included in the Drifting Architecture Thematic Exhibition, the central event at the East Centric 2016 Architecture Triennale. The inclusion of the works in a thematic exhibition will reveal the conceptual side of the projects, making them part of critical discourse/dialogue and highlighting extra-formal connections. This thematic exhibition offers the practitioners a vision on the manner in which their works answer the needs and requests specific to the context of this region. The selected projects will also be included in the exhibition catalogue, conceived as an independent project. The catalogue will feature the projects selected for the exhibition, along with several theoretical and critical articles that will tackle a range of issues pertaining to current architecture in Central and Eastern European countries.

The participants must be architects, designers, urban planners, landscape architects or architecture, design, urban planning or landscape architecture offices from any of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe*. All submitted projects will have been finalized in the period 2013–2016.


26th January 2016 – official launch

15th April  2016 – extended deadline

5th May 2016 – selected projects announcement – Due to the high number of projects received and also due to the extension of the open-call deadline the announcement of the selected projects will be made on the 14th of June. 

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Download here the full text of the open call for Drifting Architecture Thematic Exhibition.



2. Open Call for Essays –  Critical Discourses 2016

The Triennale team launches the Critical Discourses essay contest within the 2016 East Centric Architecture Triennale, with the theme Drifting.

The essay contest tries to stimulate and promote the critical discourse on architecture as a fundamental necessity, of quality architecture, as well as of communication and dialogue with the general public. These also represent the structuring elements of the entire Triennale. This contest aims to discover ideas and opinion makers, to outline original and challenging concepts, and also to promote examples of quality architecture.

The contest gives the participants the opportunity to approach critically the contemporary architectural phenomenon in Central and Eastern Europe. By means of essays, the persons concerned are able to set out, detail and argue their own vision on the architecture of one country, of more countries or of the entire region of Central and Eastern Europe* and/or to make a critical presentation of significant projects built in the 21st century.

The nominated essays will be presented by their authors at the Triennale, thus enabling them to expose and uphold their ideas at the first architecture Triennale in Central and Eastern Europe and to interact with culture professionals, architects, architecture critics etc. who have come to attend the event.

The participants can be students, architecture or art critics, teachers, philosophers, theorists, sociologists or architects, urban planners, designers with a propensity for theory etc., who are able to draft a critical essay on the architecture of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe* (one country, more countries or the entire region). There are no restrictions related to age, professional training or nationality.

The nominated essays will be presented by their authors at the Triennale, thus enabling them to expose and uphold their ideas at the first architecture Triennale in Central and Eastern Europe, to the jury and to interact with scholars, architects, architecture critics etc. who have come to attend the event.

The participants must be available to attend the East Centric 2016 Architecture Triennale on 1st and 2nd October 2016 to be able to present their essays, if they are nominated.



26th January 2016 – official launch

14th March 2016 – extended registration deadline – Download the Entry form here

20th April 2016 – entry deadline

1st June 2016 – nominees announcement

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Download here the full open call for The Critical Discourse essay contest.

President of the jury: Alberto Pérez-Gómez

Jury members:
Luigi Pintacuda – Italy (winner of the previous edition)
Marko Sančanin – Croatia
Arpad Zachi – Romania (director of the Triennale)
Ana Maria Zahariade – Romania

Prizes and recognitions:

The nominees will be awarded prizes in the total amount of 2500 euros. The winner of the contest will also receive 1000 euros in cash. All selected essays will be published in the Triennale’s book.

Previous East Centric Architecture Triennale nominees and winners of the Critical Discourses contest include professors, students, art critics,

curators: Tomislav Pavelić – Croatia / Luigi Pintacuda – Italy / Armina Pilav – Bosnia Herzegovina / Alina Hughes – Great Britain / Hans Ibelings – Holland / Katalin Tánczos – Romania / Dániel Vass – Romania / Andreea Movilă – Romania / Ramona Novicov – Romania

Their essays have been published in a special edition book.


Statement by the president of the jury, Alberto Pérez-Gómez:

Architecture operates in a world driven by technical instrumentality, one that has increased exponentially its possibilities of formal expression. While the media may celebrate perpetual novelty, an architecture of complex top-down geometries generally disregards the necessary relationship of buildings to cultural places and values. Without reflecting such values, architecture appears solipsistic and self-referential: a form of virtuosity only interesting to the initiated. The discursive word, in the form of critical thinking and writing, asking the question why rather than merely how is therefore crucial in our times for a significant architectural praxis. This is not simply a theory as methodology, in the old sense, but a true philosophy of architecture in the tradition of Aristotle’s practical philosophy, one that acknowledges the importance of history, emerging from the issues, values and habits that configure the social world.


Statement by the previous edition winner and jury member, Luigi Pintacuda:

Research is a process in continuous movement. The need to constantly prove yourself is closely connected to the need of new exchange process in order to accomplish the main purpose of research: sharing. Critical Discourses Essay Contest is one of the most interesting places for sharing your research with other people working on issues of the same geographic area. East phenomena are very complex and issues are very different one to each other. For this reason this Contest is an excellent opportunity to share different ideas, visions and knowledge.


Register by 14th March 2016 – Download the Entry form here

Submit your essay by 20th April 2016

Download here the full open call for The Critical Discourse essay contest.

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3. Agora Experiments Open Call

Arhitext design Foundation, editor of Arhitext magazine, launches an open call with the aim to co-create a much needed space for accumulation of experiments and experiences in re-thinking and re-activating the public space in direct relation with the current economic, social, cultural, geo-political context. The entries selected at this open-call will be presented at the Agora Experiments series of events, at the 2016 East Centric Architecture Triennale which has the theme “Drifting”.

You can read more about the Agora Experiments project in the Agora section.

The Agora Experiments open call is intended for architects, artists and professionals in related fields who design and build experimental projects of architecture / participatory art in one of the 26 countries which are part of the Central and Eastern European region*.

By means of this open call Agora Experiments project creates and facilitates an open, participatory dialogue and experience exchange process between local creators and citizens, organizations and architects / artists from all parts of Central and Eastern Europe. Bringing these lines of dialogue together makes it possible to understand, from multiple perspectives, how processes of socio-cultural urban activation and local communities’ regeneration work.

The Open Call has 2 sections:

  • I. Experiments: – Addresses and promotes projects created by architects and artists involved in re-thinking and activating the urban public space by means of experimental installations / structures / urban designs;
  • II. Experiences: – Discovers and underlines the cultural and social challenges and issues identified and tackled by creators as part of their process of addressing new ways of shaping the urban public space by means of experimental projects.

In order to participate in the first section of the open-call each architect / artist / interdisciplinary team working in Central and Eastern Europe must register one to four projects of experimental architecture projects carried out in the same area.

The second section of the open call is optional and, for those who registered projects for the first section, opens the possibility of participating as guests to one of the two “dialogues in progress” debates. To register for this section you must complete a mini-interview related to your work experience gained during the realization of one of the projects registered in the first section (at the choice of each participant). The mini interview is integrated in the registration form.

You can sign up to one or both of these sections by sending the project materials (as specified in the open call regulations) along with the registration form.

Calendar of the Open Call:

23rd May 2016 – official launch

20th June 2016 – submission deadline

27th June 2016 – announcement of selected submissions

Submit at:

Download here the full regulation of the Agora Experiments open call.

Download here the registration form.

*Central and Eastern European countries: Albania, Austria, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Republic of Macedonia, Republic of Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine.