ynn architekten

Bettina Krauk (*1971), Michael Neumann (*1973), Barbara Urban (*1973)
Diplomas at Vienna University of technology
working experiences at different offices,
foundation of synn architekten in november 2001
synn architekten zt-kg since 2004
lecturers at the vienna university of technology for the institute of housing construction and design

House Elise

Architect: DI Bettina Krauk, Synn architekten (CV), employees for this project: DI Philipp Wemmer
City: Vienna / Austria
Start of planning: 11/2007
Completion: 5/2009
Site area: 993 sq m
Structural consultant: DI Manfred Kirkovits, Kirkovits ZT
Further consultants: K2 Bauphysik
Constructors: Craft: Luxbau Josef Lux u.Sohn Baumeister GesmbH
Photographer: Manfred Seidl

Villa3s – The architect’s house

Location: Geidorf, 8010 Graz, Austria
Author: LOVE – Architecture and urbanism
Year: 2010, planning and completion
Floor Space: 145 sq m netto
Collaborators: construction calculation: Hartmth Petschnigg
Building Physics: Roland Müller
Materials: concrete, brick, glass (system is self developed), wood cover on the roof (larch), wood
Fotos: Jasmin Schuller

Museum Inatura, Natural History Experience Dornbirn

Building owner: FM Hämmerle Holding AG Stadt Dornbirn
Architects: Dietrich, Untertrifaller, Kaufmann, Lenz
Project management: Thomas Weber, Stefan Hiebeler
Built area: 2.800 sq m


Location: Linz, Upper Austria
Chief planner: Caramel Architekten ZT GMBH
Design participation: Sabine Aberle, Gisela Mayr, Julia Stoffregen, Klaus Scharzenegger
Contracting party, client: BIG Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft
Subcontractors (hired by the chief planner): Structural engineering: Werkraum ZT gmbh, Vienna
Landscape architecture: Idealice, Alice Größinger
Building services: Planungsgruppe Grünbichler
Building physics: ZT Krückl, perg
Subcontractors (hired directly by BIG): Geotechnical Engineering, Site investigation: Bodenprüfstelle, Linz, Hydrology: Machowetz, Linz
Completion of construction unit 1: October 2009
Building phase 1 construction unit MECHATRONIK:
NUA 14.654 sqm
NUA incl. underground garage 18.521 sqm
GFS 16.509 sq m
GFS incl. underground garage 20.094 sqm

House P

Location: Klosterneuburg, Lower Austria
Planning/site management: Caramel Architekten ZT GMBH
Interior: Di Sabine Bovelino
Structural engineering: Werkraum Wien
Start of planning: 2005
Completion: 01.2008
Property area: 800 sqm
Developed area: 150 sqm
Useable area: 120 sqm living space + 20 sqm cellar + 30 sqm garage
Construction: fair-faced concrete – prefabricated sandwich elements
Floors: sealed concrete
Photographs: Hertha Hurnaus

House M

Planning/site management: Caramel Architekten ZT GMBH
Location: Linz, Upper Austria
Start of planning: 01/2006
Start of construction: 04/2007
Completion: 12/2007
Gross floor space: 112 sq m
Gross floor space: 108 sq m
Gross internal volume: 336 m3
Terrace, covered: 31 sq m

Bridge over the Mur

Location: Brigde over the Mur
Planning partners: Bauchplan ).(, Landscapearchitectur and urbanism, Munich / Vienna, Michellerundschalk, Landscapearchitectur and urbanism, Munich
Projeckt coordination: Agnes Feigl, freiland – Environment consulting zt gmbh, Vienna / Graz
Bridge-renovation and statics: Wörle und Sparowitz engineers, Graz awarding authority
Design: Municipality Bad Radkersburg and Municipality Gornja Radgona
Renovation: Republic Slovenia and Land Styria
Realization: July 2009 till march 2010
Photos: Brane Bozic & bauchplan ).(

Streckhof reloaded – Detached house

Architects: Franz ZT GMBHwww.franz-architekten.at
Location: Zellendorf, Austria
Site srea: 1680 sq m
Gross floor area: 288 sq m
Planning: November 2005 until March 2006
Construction: April 2006 until April 2009
Photographer: Lisa Rastl

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