Location: Timisoara, Romania
Authors: Marius Hârţa, Marius Miclăuş, Cristian Blidariu
Co-authors: Mădălina Hârţa, Paul Carabaş
Construction: 2007–2008
Strenght: Cristian Palade
Installations: Sorin Boruga
Area: 530 sqm
Budget: 420 € / sq m
Photographer: Bogdan Raţ

The 189 square meters terrain provided for this development ordered by a group of investors, has challenged the architects involved in the project to find creative solutions within a low budget for the jelling of a house that needed to respond to several major requirements – the integration into a heterogeneous texture as height level, but with clear alignments, and the generation of a simple image, with impact upon the real estate market.
The proposal was forthright – to realize a limit and simple architecture that closes the existing dead wall located at the back of the courtyard, aligns to the street, and undertakes the cornice of the second vicinity.
At the same time, the financial drops have concentrated around the ceilings built in concrete (it was an interesting experiment for Timişoara) and molded in Tego encasements, modulated at the same time with the carpentry and with the lamps that glide along the skids. Likewise, the versed beams eliminate the false ceilings and generate a space cooling effect (because it is easy to feel the thermal inertia of the concrete). This is the reason why the air conditioning has been cut out and the funds have been relocated for the micro and macro grids of the frontages. The technical pavings across the beams allow access to installations and confer flexibility in furnishing the spaces.
Free of architecture, one of the most interesting experiences earned with this project has been modulated by an aspect less considered by architects (the market will force them to do it): financial economy. The architects involved with this project have had to manage at the same time a relatively limited budget. Free of the most generous concepts, this lesson remains open…

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