Building type: single house
Location: Canakkale, Turkey
Project: 1999-2000
Execution: 2000-2001
Area of lot: 600 sq m
Area of project: 150 sq m
Client: Selman Bilal – Suha Bilal
Architecture: Mimarlar Tasarim LTD – Istanbul
Architect: Han Tumertekin
Project architect: Eylem Erdinc
Assistant architects: Hayriye Sozen, Ahmet Onder
Project coordinator: Ziya Ildiz
Structure: Parlar Muhendislik, engineer Gulsun Parlar
Awards: 2000 – Tepe Architectural Culture Centre Awards; 2004 – Aga Khan Awards for Architecture
Photography: Cemal Emden

User: a contemporary nomad, changing places frequently and staying at places rarely, densely using contemporary information technologies and thus can act independently from “place”, even in the “house” itself. How compulsory for a nomad’s house to belong its very place in the neighborhood of a hillside village, an olive groove and the sea?

Criteria: short term use, low maintenance, locally made but nonnative house.

Place: Ayvacik, an Aegean village.

Materials, structure and construction: Main structure of the house is concrete. Other constructive walls are hand crafted stone. The balcony at the upper external house is a steel construction with wooden floor finishing extending towards the internal house. The ground floor is ready made homogeneous mosaic and natural stone. Window framing and shutters are low maintenance aluminium. Aluminium shutters are filled with hand crafted reed, enabling natural ventilation.

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