Location: Sankt Petersburg, Krestovsky island, Martynova embankment, 62-74
Customer: Renaissance of St. Petersburg Company
Architects: Еvgeny Gerasimov, Sergey Tchoban, О. Kaverin, А. Orlov, D. Zaytsev, P. Olufs, F. Gubkin, I. Markov Constructori / Constructors: M. Reznichenko, Т. Smirnova, D. Grigor’ev, О. Samolovova, К. Ivanova, М. Kirpikova, L. Tagantseva, E. Yakovleva, Т. Andreeva, Е. Potapova, V. Antonov, П. Shestakov, S. Arenina
Engineers: U. Minkov, А. Anpilov (MGP Company)
General designer: Evgeny Gerasimov and Partners, Ltd. (\n cooperare cu / in cooperation with S. Tchoban, NPS Tchoban Voss, Berlin, Germany)
General contractor: Lenstroyreconstruction Company
Design started: 2003
Construction completed: 2008
Photo: A. Naroditsky

The lot’s proximity to the park area, on one hand, and access to the Srednaya Nevka embankment and Grebnoy canal, on the other hand, has imposed the composition of dense low-rise urban development with spacing of buildings, visually linked with the natural environment. The lateral S-shape of the complex conditioned by the city planning situation and sophisticated shape of the lot divides the territory into two non-isolated zones – central esplanade as the extension of the Grebnoy canal axis, and chambered recreation area with pathways. The complex structures are represented by separate buildings resting on common platform of the semi-buried parking lot. The buildings are designed with 3–4 stories and 4–6 stories under the insolation conditions and in compliance with the compositional technique. By using the up-to-date (in terms of technology and aesthetics) materials – stained-glass structures, glass and stone surfaces with rubbed, polished and profiled textures, as well as turning the European architecture elements, such as blinds and applied shutters, into decoration techniques the buildings acquire contemporary and, at the same time, really austere image of St. Petersburg.

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