Location: Timisoara – Sacalaz, Romania
Author: Bogdan Raţ
Coauthors: arch. Lucian Bot, Bogdan Curescu
Built Area: 110 sq m
Property Area: 450 sq m
Year of completion: 2009
Foto: Ovidiu Micsa, Bogdan Raţ, Bogdan Curescu
3D Simulations: Bogdan Buda, Bogdan Rat

The house is located near to Timisoara town in a residential area with uncertain character. The first topic brought in discussion was therefore the separation from the “image” of the surroundings. That is how the concept of a “citadel” house that would protect a refined interior with minimalist tendencies appeared. The outer limit, the plot’s fencing plays the mediation role in the relationship with the neighborhood, fragmenting the image.
The house starts on the property limit and the yard is part of the house. Therefore, two inner spaces are created: a closed one – the living space and an open one – the courtyard.
The house is projected Cartesian in plan and the central area is spatially developed on the remaining available direction – the vertical. The sky becomes the only exterior element enters into dialogue with the Space. Thus, the actual sunset turns into the “sunrise” that rises onto the “House’s Sky”. Each area receives a height appropriate to its functions and the light marks the passage of time.

The kitchen: the space where the day begins.
The living room: the space where the sun goes down.
The office: open to the outside by “breaking” the limit.
The bedroom: private.
The courtyard: Alma.

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