Address: H-9090 Pannonhalma, Vár 1., Hungary
Client: Benedictine Monastery of Pannonhalma
Competition: 2002
Start of planning: 03/2002
Start of construction: 09/2002
Completion: 11/2003
General planner: Czita Architect Office Ltd.
Planning: Tamás Czigány , Györgyi Tóth , Róbert Papp
Structural consultants: Tamás Börzsei , János Tilai
Plumbing consultant: Zoltán Gyurkovics
Electrical consultant: Pál Hornung
Technology consultants: Tibor Gál , Zsolt Liptai
Photographers: Tamás Czigány, József Hajdú

The establishment of a new winery by the Benedictine Monastery of Pannonhalma awakens a thousand years old tradition. The purpose of the group of buildings, which is located on a World Heritage property in the immediate vicinity of the Monastery, is not only to house the latest technology, but to rethink its relations to the environment as well and to give an architectural embodiment, both in exterior and interior spaces, to the mysterious stations whereby wine is born.

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