Location: Lăcătuş street, Baia Mare, Romania
Authors:  Ildiko Mitru, Ştefan Paskucz, Ionuţ Filip
Structure: S.C. Conceptinvest S.R.L., Baia Mare
Graphic part: Mihai Ciplea
Constructor: S.C. Ciplea S.R.L. , Baia Mare
Art works execution: Mihai Ciplea
Beneficiary: S.C. Ciplea S.R.L., Baia Mare

The objective, a 285 sqm land plot, is located in Baia Mare, on Lăcătuş Street, within the area of the historical center and in the protection area of two historical monuments, the Reformed Church and its confessional school. The building, constructed in the early XIXth by an owner with modest financial resources, was purchased in view of the acquisition of an office building for two companies and of a painter’s studio, the users being two generations of the same family. The challenge of this project was to achieve a building which would integrate non-conflictually in the context, answer the required functions and become the trademark of a group whose concern with the aesthetic object prevails.

The ground floor was partly kept and expanded with an upper floor. The expansion was achieved along the northern limit, adjoined to the rear wall of Block No. 14 on Lăcătuş Street. This building unit (Unit A) has a built area of 95.90 sqm.

Two aspects of this project constitute an approach which is not recommended in the case of architecture objects located in the historical area. We did not change the planimetric layout of the existing building which did not observe the character of Lăcătuş Street, mostly occupied with buildings forming a continuous front. We opted for an L-shaped complex, opening towards the street, which enables a view of the tower of the Reformed Church, a historical monument the view of which would have otherwise been obstructed if the front had been closed. The second aspect used is the minimalist architecture adopted. It was suggested to us by the vis-a-vis buliding boasting inter-war details. In our opinion, this style moderates the tumultuousness of the erratic interventions performed during the last decade.

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