Country: Bulgaria
City: Glojene
Office: I/O architects, 27 Neofit Rilski str., Sofia 1000, Bulgaria
Client: private, withheld
Function/Purpose: residential, private house
Total floor area: 220 sq. m
Year began: 2004
Year/month completed: 2006
Bibliography (if work has been published): “Arhitektura” Magazine NR60 December 2007/January 2008, A10 Architecture Magazine Issue N19
Authors: Georgi Katov, Viara Jeliazkova
Photographs: Boris Missirkov, Georgi Bogdanov

This project is about dynamic balance of many intended, inevitable and irresistible oppositions.
Located at the end of a picturesque river valley and just under a massive vertical rock this retreat house combines simple volume and complex spatial structure. The main living space occupies the entire floor area of the first level. The open space is not disturbed by any vertical structure. Different zones are defined by the height of the suspended volumes containing the various spaces above. The solid shell of stone and concrete supports the suspended wooden structure. Total opening towards the rock of the both levels creates the intimate ambiguous space behind the house. The grass roof terrace at the end of the stair through the entire house offers maximum privacy and view to the natural surroundings.

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