Country: Bulgaria
City: Sofia
Office: I/O architects, 27 Neofit Rilski str., Sofia 1000, Bulgaria
Authors: Georgi Katov, Viara Jeliazkova
Collaborator: Nikola Gruev
Consultants: JIvko Ivanov, Daniela Botzeva, Valia Rasheva, Krasimir Popov
Client: Bulgarian Property Management Team Corp
Function/Purpose: apartment block
Total floor area: 9000 sq m
Project: 2005-2006
Year began: 2005
Year/month completed: 2007 / February
Bibliography (if work has been published): – A10 Architecture Magazine Issue N19, – “Architectura” Magazine NR 60 – December 2007/January 2008

25 years after the huge “Liulin” residential complex was built a need for new economical dwellings in the same area appeared. A new adequate vision is also needed.
The new building is on the boundary between two periods and between the city and nature. It completes the complex, gives it a new face and stares at the iconic view of Vitosha Mountain. The plan outline visualizes the planning regulations’ limitations and maximizes the building area, but at the same time gains dynamics from the shape of the plot. The ovals of the blind surface loop complement the geometrical ambiguity of the plan. The mass and the scale of the building match those of the existing apartment blocks in the complex. The composition of the perforations is extracted from the present look of the buildings around and works as a kind of a vaccination against the uncontrolled alterations of the inhabitants. The semi-underground entrance and car park space procures the privacy and the security to the building so desperately needed in the neighbourhood.

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