Country: Bulgaria
City: Sofia
Authors: Georgi Katov, Viara Jeliazkova, Nikola Gruev
Office: I/O architects, 27 Neofit Rilski str., Sofia 1000, Bulgaria
Client: “Chervena Liniya” Ltd.
Function/Purpose: residential
Total floor area: 2786.9 кв. м.
Year began: 2007
Year/month completed: 2011
Photographs: Abitare Bulgaria

Situated in a narrow steep street on the outskirts of Vitosha mountain, the building is an attempt to reconcile the opposites of the surrounding area. This prestigious part of the city, built-up in the past with small houses and villas, nowadays changes its scale rapidly under the pressure of investment in big residential buildings. Theshape of the building’s plan and its location within the plot provide optimized contact with the yard. The small front surface of the building and the fragmented facade with variable structure decrease the scale of the volume while the material of the sliding sun-protection panels affirms the relation of the building to its natural surroundings.The seemingly uniform external structure, following the dynamic terrain, creates complex connections between the different levels and the environment as well asa ng the levels themselves. The linear staircase pierces through the whole structure – thus increasing the ambiguous relation to the slope – and organises around itself the common spaces of the building.

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