Location: Klosterneuburg, Lower Austria
Planning/site management: Caramel Architekten ZT GMBH
Interior: Di Sabine Bovelino
Structural engineering: Werkraum Wien
Start of planning: 2005
Completion: 01.2008
Property area: 800 sqm
Developed area: 150 sqm
Useable area: 120 sqm living space + 20 sqm cellar + 30 sqm garage
Construction: fair-faced concrete – prefabricated sandwich elements
Floors: sealed concrete
Photographs: Hertha Hurnaus

Like a curious animal that might have been formed from Tetris blocks, House P seems to gaze down at the valley from its perch on this sloping property in Klosterneuburg. The seamless impression of the homogeneous sculptural form is strengthened by the use of prefabricated concrete elements in the façade. The access way on the street side follows the structure’s longitudinal axis, passing the garage and terrace and entering the house, where it pushes past the dining room / kitchen area, cloak room, and stairway landing, and finally disappears out the glazed front of the living room and into a breathtaking view of the Danubian plains.

Depending on its orientation, the façade is open or hermetic. While the west side with the dining room / kitchen and terrace opens out fully onto the pool and garden, the east side, which faces the nearby neighbors is almost completely closed off. Here, gill-like flaps direct one’s view toward the valley and create a private sphere for the living areas. By contrast, half the façade on the north side of the living area is thrown open, affording a complete view of the valley. This wide-open impression is intensified by the flush-glazed façade that extends overhead, becoming part of the roof.

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