Location: Bucharest, Romania
Project Design: Alex Adam, Roger Pop,  Madalina Florea
Collaborators:  Claudiu Diamandescu (A[r]telier), Mihai Manea (Bellusso Design), Adrian Dobre (Chemical Laboratories Dobre), Vlad Diaconescu (Roll Service)
Project:  2007
Execution:  2007-2008
Photographer:  Cornel Lazia

This unconventional interior design for a three rooms apartment combines elements from the pop-art age ,from the aesthetics of the years ’60-’70 and from the contemporary minimalism,all under the influence of white,used so predominant as a manifest against the impure context where the habitation takes place.

The construction of the apartment started in September 2006 and ended in July 2007,and the project in may-august 2006. The architects took this project while the building was still under construction, and the division of the space was yet undecided. Even so, the architects felt like restrictions some characteristics of the space like the irregular floor plan, the dimensions of the columns which was bigger than usual or the small height under  the beams and the diametric opposition of the entrance to the living area. But above all an inconvenience was the surface of the apartment :110 square meters that include two bedrooms with bathrooms and dressing-rooms,and one living space that includes dinning area and kitchen.

The color white,with all its shades,on varied textures and shapes was used to create depth and bigger height and also to give an abstract, luxurious feeling to the place in spite its apparent simplicity.

Using the white with no limits, the architects made the space more dynamic, while continuously experimenting with the use of both natural and artificial light.The first step to achieve a unitary style was to build a dialog between all the spaces in the apartment. The focal point of the entire design is provided by the panel-picture that divides the living room from the marital suite. The long hall was designed to be an extension of the living room: on one side of he hall the architects designed a bookcase with a decorative but functional structure.Every piece of furniture and lighting was carefully chosen to unify the concept.

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