Jul 242012

PRISPA is the first house designed by Romanian students, ever to qualify for Solar Decathlon Europe 2012 (SDE 2012). The competition’s purpose is to design and build a fully solar home, which can be assembled within the space of 10 days.

1st – 31st July – PRISPA Sessions – Leroy Merlin Parking Lot

Starting July 1st, PRISPA will receive visitors for a whole month! We are preparing weekly sessions in which our sponsors and partners will present the technologies used in our house, the filming of our second movie short for the competition and other surpise events!

Country development
By means of this little home we’ve built, we will bring back the charm of the Romanian village. As follows, apart from telling Romania about a new house, we will also communicate information about various funding options for those who want to move into the countryside, set up a business and build a new life altogether.
We are a student team. We are the very definition of research that generates improvement; it is through us, students, that the world gets started on finding the best solutions in all fields.
PRISPA says it is possible not to give up Romania’s charm and revive all the trades that brought the Romanian villages’ acknowledgement. Agrotourism and eco-tourism may end up being fruitful businesses for Romania to exploit for many years from now on.

To this end, PRISPA is:
ACCESSIBLE – a fully equipped solar home that costs about 70 000 euro;
COMFORTABLE – according to both European standards of living and Romanian psychological thresholds. PRISPA is an element all Romanians can relate to;
ADAPTABLE – its structure is modular and accepts extensions, it features reconfigurable elements in the living spaces;
ADAPTABLE – a house featuring a simple structure, with high-tech performing and low-tech maintenance instrumentation;
EASY TO FIT IN WITH THE CONTEXT- design, functions, finishing, independence in use.

For more information and to support PRISPA, please visit http://prispa.org/

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