Owner and founder of his own architecture company, Mubeen Ahmad has been recently assigned with a large scale project (365,000 square feet of mixed use and educational institution) in Lahore, Pakistan. He claims that the skills acquired through the IHS master’s programme in Urban Management and Development were valuable tools for the actualization of this project.

Mubeen Ahmad admits that in the beginning of his career as an architect, he had the impression that design is perhaps the singularly important asset for an architect. However, having graduated from the MSc in Urban Management and Development offered by IHS, Mubeen emphasizes that architecture grows out of the prevailing socio-cultural Environment. Respective social, economic and cultural factors have to be taken into consideration for any architectural endeavour, but even more so for large scale projects like the one Mubeen is currently involved in .

“Looking back, I feel my experiences during my study programme have highlighted for me that sound understanding of the concepts and local development practices are imperative if we are to develop sustainable solutions for the cities of developing countries as well as for developed countries”, Mubeen characteristically highlights.

The tremendous contradictions in cities as well as the challenges that cities face worldwide require innovative urban managers who can look and analyze urban processes and who can come up with strategic oriented solutions. Mubeen’s participation in the MSc in Urban Management and Development offered him this thorough understanding of these contradictions and different but also intertwined aspects of a city. The knowledge and experience obtained through case studies, field visits and field work enabled him to manage and implement such large scale projects. With this knowledge and experience under his belt and with the offer of such projects, Mubeen’s entrepreneurial step has proved to be successful from its early steps. IHS is proud of its alumni and inspired by their achievements.

The MSc UMD programme

The UMD master’s programme provides the unique opportunity for professionals and excellent bachelor graduates to invest in their and the world’s urban future. Through its comprehensive approach, the master programme examines the economic social, physical, managerial and political aspects of urban management and development. It enables participants to become innovative urban managers and inspires them to influence a meaningful change in people’s lives in the cities. For more information about the programme, please visit our UMD webpage.

The organization

The Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS) of Erasmus University counts more than 7.500 alumni around the world. Its mission is to bring the knowledge and expertise gained through more than 50 years of experience in cities worldwide in the field of Urban Management and Development to the world by preparing the innovative urban professionals of the future. For more information about IHS, please visit the IHS website.

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