Interior for Students

Location: Moscow, Russia Architecture office: Ruetemple Design Team: Alexander Kudimov, Daria Butahina Area: 33 sqm Project year: 2013 Photographs: Alexandr Kudimov, Daria Butahina The project was designed at the request of a television show entitled «Дачный ответ» (Practical solutions for holiday house-owners). The theme requested an interior space for 2 students – brother and sister – structured in Read More

Krymskaya Embankment

Bureau partners: Dmitry Likin, Oleg Shapiro Leading project architect: Mikhail Kozlov Architects: Maria Gulida, Alena Zaytseva, Roman Kuchukov, Darya Melnik, Tatyana Polyakova, Anna Proshkuratova, Anastasia Rychkova, Tatiana Skibo, Yarmarkina; with the participation of Yuriy Belov, Anna Karneeva, Olga Lebedeva, Anastasia Maslova Senior project engineers: Dmitry Belostotsky, Ivan Mikhalchuk Planting: Anna Andreeva Lighting: Anna Harchenkova Total area: 45,000 sqm Length: 1 km Read More

Dream Industries Telegraph

Location: Moscow, Russia Architects: Archiproba Architect in charge: Tamara Muradova, Askar Ramazanov Area: 1400 sqm Year: 2014 Photographs: Ilya Ivanov The Central Telegraph is located on Tverskaya street in the center of Moscow. Architect Ivan Rerberg constructed the building in 1927, and it took only several decades for it to become an architectural monument. The Read More

Summer Arbor

Location: Moscow region, Russia Architecture: Khachaturian Architects Project architects: Artur Khachaturian, Gianna Hovhannisyan Structural engineering: Viktor Grigoryan Area: 136 sqm Construction: 2013 Photographs: Artur Khachaturian The project is located within the industrial area of Moscow. The client requested a multi-functional recreational area for the warm summer season, where he can bring his family, invite business Read More

Origami House

Location: village Zenkino, Moscow region, Russia  Client: TV Channel NTV, programme «Dachniy Otvet»  Construction area: 71 sqm Total Area: 100 sqm  Design: 2012   Building: 2013  Photographs: Zinon Razutdinov The project was specially done for the TV program «Dachniy Otvet». In the frame of the program, the customer and the author of the project meet only once, and Read More

Stanislavsky Electrotheatre

Location: 23 Tverskaya Street, Moscow, Russia Architecture office: AB Forum Workshop Heads: Dmitry Likin, Oleg Shapiro Auhors: Edward Rusenko, Mikhail Kozlov, Maria Gulida, Viktoria Kudryavtseva, Olga Lebedeva, Anastasia Maslova, Darya Melnik, Maria Panova, Anna Proshkuratova, Olga Rokal, Alexandra Chertkova, Anna Rodionova, Darya Mozhaeva Chief Project Engineer: Irina Ishunina Structural Engineering: Sergei Belugin Design Phase: 2013-2014 Photographs: Read More

Deco Pattern House

Location: Konakovsky District, Tverskaya region, Russia   Architecture and interior design: Peter Kostelov   Site area: 126 sqm    Overall built area: 109 sqm Construction: 2013 Photographs: Zinon Razutdinov The idea of the house’s decorations is recognizable for their belonging to a Russian style: a lot of decorative elements placed around windows and doors. The walls are Read More

PK House

  Location: Alexino village, Konakovsky District, Tverskaya region, Russia Architecture, Interior Design: Peter Kostelov House area: 181 sqm Site area: 86 sqm Development effort: Alexey Lyalin Wood construction: zao  «NLK Domostroeniye» Developer: zao “Orbat”, Andrey Tolstoy Project year: 2009 Photographer: Alexey Knyazev The plot where the future summer cottage was planned to be built is located quite near the Volga River in a small Read More


Location: Moscow, Russia Architect: Megabudka Team: Kirill Gubernatorov, Andrey Samonaev, Artem Ukropov, Daria Listopad, Svetlana Tverdova Constructor: Igor Zavarov Client: DK.project Year: 2013 The objective of the project was to design a bright multifunctional space, convenient for office work, with a visual quality of the interior elements, comfortable for lectures and predisposing to communication at friendly Read More

Yandex Yekaterinburg Office

  Architecture and design za bor architects Architects Arseniy Borisenko and Peter Zaytsev Collaboration Nadezhda Rozhanskaya (textile) Client Yandex Corporation (For more information –> company.yandex.com) Location: «Palladium» business center, 15th floor, 10th Khohryakova str., Yekaterinburg, Russia Date of project 2009 Date of construction 2009 – 2010 Floor area 720 sqm Photographer Peter Zaytsev / za bor architects Furniture Herman Miller, Read More

Yandex Saint Petersburg Office II

  Architecture and design za bor architects Architects Arseniy Borisenko and Peter Zaytsev Collaboration Nadezhda Rozhanskaya (textile) Client Yandex Corporation (For more information –> company.yandex.com) Location Benois business center, Saint Petersburg, Russia Year of planning 2011 Years of construction 2011-2012 Floor area 3310 sqm Photographer Peter Zaytsev / za bor architects Furniture Herman Miller, Fritz Hansen, Read More

House of Mr. R.

Architecture and design: za bor architects Architects: Arseniy Borisenko and Peter Zaytsev Date of project: 2004-2005 Date of construction: 2005 – 2008 Floor area: 560 sqm Photographer: Zinur Razutdinov, Peter Zaytsev / za bor architects Built area: 300 square meters (560 sq m floor area) Location: Moscow, Russia Walls outside: plaster and exterior house paint, paving tiles Walls Read More

House in the Hill

Architecture and design za bor architects Architects Arseniy Borisenko and Peter Zaytsev Location Moscow region, Russia Date of project 2006-2007 Date of construction 2007 – 2009 Photographer  Peter Zaytsev / za bor architects Function: residential house Construction: concrete-frame building; foam concrete block walls Built area: 450 square meters Finish material: Walls: plaster and exterior house paint, larchwood Read More

Badoo Development Office

Architects: Arseniy Borisenko and Peter Zaytsev, za bor architects Client: Badoo Project management: Mott MacDonald General contractor: Gint-М Engineering: Gint-M Location: Legend of Tsvetnoy business center, Moscow, Russia Year of planning: 2012 Years of construction: 2012 Floor area: 1100 sqm Photographer: Peter Zaytsev / za bor architects Furniture Arper, Fritz Hansen, Walter Knoll, GlobeZero4, SteelCase, Luconi Light XAL Ceiling: Read More

The Headquarters Of The Construction

Location:Russia, Moscow Region Project: 2009-2010 Construction: 2010-2011 Project leader: Totan Kuzembaev Chief architect of the project: Alexander Perventsev Architect: Kristina Razumova Design Engineers: Ilya Kuzmin, Stevan Ljiljak Client:«Golden Ring» resort Photographer: Ilya Ivanov   The headquarters is located in the multifuncional tourist complex “Golden Ring” resort. Two levels of the terraces are opened to the Read More


Location:Russia, Moscow Region Project: 2010 Construction: 2010-2011 Leader of the project: Totan Kuzembaev Chief architect of the project: Alexander Perventsev Architect: Anastasia Izmakova Design Engineer: Sergey Pensky Contracting organizations: LLC «STG» Photographer: Ilya Ivanov Construction area: 55,5 m2 Inside area: 34,1 m2 Tambour area: 3,7 m2 Perron area: 5,2 m2 Construction volume: 224,84 m3 Monolithic Read More

The Arbor

Architects: Kerimov + Prishin Architects Location: Moscow,Russia Project team: Shamsudin Kerimov, Pavel Prishin Project area: 36 m2 Project year: 2011 Photographs: Ilya Ivanov The Arbor is an outdoor living space project meant to accommodate a family of about 15 people. The design’s floor plan is divided into three zones, named “kitchen-furnace”, “dining-living” and “terrace-stage”. The “kitchen-furnace” zone consists of a linear Read More

Apartment in Moscow

Location: Moscow, Russia Built area: 348 sqm Architecture & Interior design: Peter Kostelov Development: Kovaleva T.N., Egorova N.G. Project: 2009 Building: 2010-2011 Photographs: Alexey Knyazev   The apartment is located on top of the building, on the 18th floor. Initially it was a two-level apartment of a total area of 258 sqm. The first level Read More

Yachtsman's House

Authors: Creative Union Reserve: Vladimir Plotkin, Olga Golovina Address: Moscow, Russia, Moscow region, Klyazminskoe Reservoir Projection: 08/2010 – 01/2011 Building: 09/2010 – 3/2011 The building regulations of Zavidkin Cape stipulated that any new construction would fit within a volume of 5x8x6 meters. This was insufficient for the client and his family, who wanted a house Read More

Danilovski Fort Business Centre

Address: Moscow, Novodanilovslaya embankment 8
Design Bureau: Sergey Skuratov Architects Ltd
Authors: Skuratov S.A., Romanov A., Kuznetsova E.
Design period: 2005 – 2007
Construction period: 2006 – 2008
Client&partners: Biznes Stroy Ltd \ Tehnologija Ltd, of MR-group
Structural design and engineering systems: Tehnologija Ltd, of TSN group of companies Construction site: 7 987 sq.m
Building projection: 7 035 sq.m
Total area: 40 000 sq.m

Barkli Plaza

Address: Moscow, 17-19 Prechistenskaia quay, 17 Kursovoy lane
Typology: Multifunctional dwelling and administrative complex
Architects crew: S. Skuratov, N. Demidov, A. Medvedev, N. Ishutina, P. Shalimov
Partners: Client – ZAO «Ux-Vostok»
Building’s square: 4263 sq m
Global square: 23920 sq m

Residential Complex

Location: Sankt Petersburg, Krestovsky island, Martynova embankment, 62-74
Customer: Renaissance of St. Petersburg Company
Architects: Еvgeny Gerasimov, Sergey Tchoban, О. Kaverin, А. Orlov, D. Zaytsev, P. Olufs, F. Gubkin, I. Markov Constructori / Constructors: M. Reznichenko, Т. Smirnova, D. Grigor’ev, О. Samolovova, К. Ivanova, М. Kirpikova, L. Tagantseva, E. Yakovleva, Т. Andreeva, Е. Potapova, V. Antonov, П. Shestakov, S. Arenina
Engineers: U. Minkov, А. Anpilov (MGP Company)
General designer: Evgeny Gerasimov and Partners, Ltd. (\n cooperare cu / in cooperation with S. Tchoban, NPS Tchoban Voss, Berlin, Germany)
General contractor: Lenstroyreconstruction Company
Design started: 2003
Construction completed: 2008
Photo: A. Naroditsky

Private House

Location: Nicolina Gora, Moscow Region
Architects: V.Plotkin, O.Golovina
Designing beginning: 1999
Designing completion: 2007
Surface area: 600 sq m

Federal Arbitration Court of Moscow Region

Location: Seleznevskaya Street, unit 9, Moscow
Architects: V.Plotkin, N.Romishevskaya, I.Lelyakina, M.Ilyevskaya, I.Tyurin, A.Travkin with participation of Yu.Denisov, T.Diasheva, N.Lyzlov, S.Gusarev
Designing beginning: 2003
Completion: 2007

Vodka Ceremony Pavilion

Location: Klazminskoye reservoir resort, Moscow region
Client: PKV
Budget: approximately $500
Photography: Yu. Palmin

House near Tarusa

Location: Kaluga region, near Tarusa
Architecture: À. Brodsky, Ya. Kovalchuk, N. Korbut
Client: withheld
Construction: 2006
Photography: Yu. Palmin

Shop and Café

Location: Strominka 19, Moscow
Architects: N. Lyzlov, O. Kaverina
Structural engineer: E. Shabalin, L. Levinskiy
Realization: 2006
Build-up area: 287 sq m
Total size of the building: 612 sq m
Total area: 2140.7 sq m
Number of floors: 2 floors+ underground floor
Altitude: 7m

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