Basaltic Concrete House

Location: Bucharest, Romania Architect: Bogdan Gyemant-Selin Structure: SICON 21(eng. Dan Ştefan) Instalations: DeMO STUDIO (eng. Vasile Selin, eng. Ana Florescu) General Developer: ERBAŞU Exterior carpentry: Wood Art (eng. Radu Dragu) Platework: GRIRO (arh. Dan Toader) Interior Carpentry: RD Workshop (arch. Alin Popescu) Year of construction: 2012 Photographs: Cosmin Dragomir Arpad Zachi: I have always liked Read More

Copper House in Sibiu

Location: Victoriei Av., Sibiu, Romania Author: arch. Radu Teacă Collaborators: arch. Péter Marx, arch. Raluca Velescu Structure: eng. Dorin Lazăr Site area: 650 sqm Built area: 238 sqm Total floor area: 375 sqm Design year: 2011 Construction period: 2011–2013 Photographs: arch. Radu Teacă, arch. Péter Marx Sibiu is an old city boasting a medieval centre Read More

Water Bow Saw in Former Times

Location: Zetea commune, Izvoare village Authors: Larix Studio (architecture & structure) – arch. Köllo Miklós, arch. Györfy László-Miklós, eng. Gurzó Levente, eng. Kercsó Zoltán Client: Zetea Commune Investment budget: 53.000 euro ( LEADER programme financing) Text: Köllo Miklós Photographs: Larix Studio, Eros Zoltán-Levente, Szigeti Vajk-István, Köllo Miklós The site of the intervention used to be Read More

Bathing on the shore of Tineretului Lake

Location: Sovata, jud. Mureş, România / Sovata, Mureş County, Romania Client: Primăria Oraşului Sovata / Sovata Municipaliy Authors: Korodi Szabolcs (architect, manager), Gergely Attila (architect), Tóth Szabolcs (architect) Architectural Office : SC Vallum SRL Collaboratores: structure: eng. Csiki László / eng. Vincze Szilárd / heating and sanitary circuits eng. Sebestén László Built area : 719,1 Read More


Project function: Extention of a single family dwelling Authors: arch. Florian Stanciu,  arch. Iulia Stanciu Structural Enginering: eng. Dorin Lazăr Location:  12J-12D Chefalului cul-de-sac, Bucharest Completion year: 2014 Photographs: arch. Arpad Zachi, arch. Cosmin Dragomir The pavilion is L-shaped, being constructed near the principal house. No matter what this pavilion can include (a flat, a gym or an atelier), Read More

Apartment 3

Location: Timisoara, Romania Project title: Apartment 3 August nr. 5 Author: arh. Constantin Şelariu Amplasament Company: ACS STUDIO Collaborators: exp. Valeriu Stoian, ing. Bogdan Zsolt Buildining yard coordinator: ing. Bogdan Dubină Area: 226 sqm Design: 2010 Construction timeframe: 2011- 2012 Photographer: Ovidiu Micşa Situated in the immediate vicinity of Timisoara’s Queen Mary Park, on the Read More

The Alexandrina Eco-urban Dwelling

Location: Alexandrina 23, Bucharest  Authors: TECON – Bogdan Babici, Eliodor Streza   Coauthors: Tudor Iacob, Anca Păunescu, Monica Streza, Dragoş Fodoreanu, Paul Lipan Weber   Structural engineering: Inginerie Civilă – eng. Gheorghe Drugea, eng. Cristi Voicu   Mechanical Engineering: Proing Grup – eng. Lucian Luca Contractor: Athenaeum Construct   Built area: 845 sqm   Year of completition: 2013   Photos: Cosmin Read More

Housing Project in Bucharest

Location: Bucharest, Romania   Authors: ADN Architectural Office : Andrei Șerbescu, Adrian Untaru, Claudiu Forgaci, Valentina Ţigâră, Bogdan Brădăţeanu, Simina Ignat   Collaborators: Cosmin Dragomir, Marius Dumitrașcu, Cristina Enuţă, Carmen Petrea, Elena Barbu, Bogdan Marinescu, Oana Cucoranu, Sebastian Șerban, Anamaria Pircu, Alexandra Vișan   Project Management: Salzburg Investment Group SA, Vision Property Partner     Developer: Salzburg Investment Group Read More

B0_5 Apartament

Location: Bucharest, Romania   Authors: ADN BA – Andrei Șerbescu, Adrian Untaru, Valentina Ţigâră, Simina Ignat, Cosmin Dragomir and SAIG – Codruţa Brujan, Costin Brujan   Area: 48,7 mp / 48.7 sqm   Implementation: 2013–2014   Drawings: Elena Barbu  Photographs: Cosmin Dragomir   Text: Andrei Șerbescu B0_5 apartment is part of the Urban Spaces Building, completed at the beginning of Read More

Single-family Dwelling

Location: Timişoara, Romania Title: The house with colored lights Author: PhD Lect. arch. Vlad Gaivoronschi Collaborator: arch. Mihai Ungur Text: PhD Lect. arch. Vlad Gaivoronschi Photographs: Ovidiu Micşa, Vlad Gaivoronschi The designed dwelling was imagined as a “musical instrument”, in which the living room, developed on double-height, becomes a living place, colourfully illuminated through the Read More

Single-family Dwelling in Arad

Location: Arad, Romania Architecture: arch. Bogdan George Drig Collaborator: eng. Gabor Huber Construction: 2006–2009 Gross floor area: 432.2 sqm Photographs: arch. Diana Dihel, Florin Ciurea Text: arch. Bogdan George Drig, arch. Diana Dihel This single-family dwelling is located in a residential area with a predominately building height of 2 storeys.  The site is located in Read More

S House

Authors: architect TÓTHFALUSI Gábor, architect TULOGDY László György Architecture office: SC Tektum Arhitectură & Artă SRL Beneficiary: private person Collaborators: architect Ioana CECĂLĂŞAN Structure: SC Plan31 SRL Installations: SC GRADINSTAL SRL Location: Cluj-Napoca Design year: 2010 Construction year: 2011-2012 Plot area: 637 sqm Built area:  189.42 sqm Gross building area: 525.88 sqm Floor structure: basement, Read More

Apartment “H”

Location: Constanţa,  Romania Project team: Mario Kuibuş,  Adela Antoniu Area: 230 sqm Project year: 2010 Photographs: Andrei Mărgulescu The apartment is located in an apartment building in Constanţa, on the Black Sea shore. The beneficiary wanted to have an apartment as opened to sea and as bright and «clean», in terms of design, as possible. Read More

Black on White

           Project: Parasite Studio Author: Attila Wenczel Co-Authors: Claudiu Toma , Maja Baldea Structural engineering: Lbs Planconstruct , ing.Cristian Lannert Electrical  engineering: Electric Eye Photos: Attila Wenczel Furniture: Galignum BT Site surface: 878 mp Total built area: 230 mp Location: Timisoara / Romania Project date: 2008 Completion date: 2012 The main theme of the project Read More


Project : Parasite studio Author : Attila Wenczel Co-Authors : Claudiu Toma , Maja Baldea Photos : Attila Wenczel Furniture : Galignum BT Total built area : 60 mp Location: Timisoara / Romania Year of project : 2012 Complition date : 2012 Which elements can create the feeling of belonging, of cosines, of privacy in Read More

A.B. House

Location: Timisoara, Romania Year of construction: 2006-2013 Surface: aprox.  300 sq.m. Architects: Andreescu&Gaivoronschi Author: Vlad Gaivoronschi Project team: Alexandru Malaescu, Dan Damian,  Andreea Simici Structural engineerng: Micsa Gherasim Interior design, landscaping  : Alexandru Malaescu The plot where this house was built in the last years, is in a residential area in the north of the Read More

PTR apartments building

Authors: Adrian Untaru, Andrei Şerbescu, Bogdan Brădăţeanu, Valentina Ţigâră, Sebastian Şerban Collaborators: Aurel Manea, Gabi Marinescu Office: ADN Birou de Arhitectură Location: Bucharest Photos: Cosmin Dragomir, Andrei Mărgulescu Atructural engineerging: ICIPE 1A eng. Aurel Comanac Mechanical engineering: INSTALDESIGN  eng. George Cristescu The building sits on a plot with a rather difficult geometry and cardinal orientation, Read More

MCN apartments building

Authors: Andrei Şerbescu, Adrian Untaru, Sebastian Şerban, Bogdan Brădăţeanu  Office: ADN Birou de Arhitectură  Location: Bucharest  Photos: Cosmin Dragomir, Andrei Mărgulescu Structural engineerging: RDS dinamic studio   eng. Valentin Radu Mechanical engineering: INSTALDESIGN eng. George Cristescu The “Bucurestii Noi/Bazilescu” area is one of Bucharest’s areas which remained up to the 90s outside the major urban Read More

E M  Apartment

Location: Bucharest, Romania Concept / Project: a.a. studio- Alex ADAM, Roger POP, Monika KORYCZAN Project year: 2011 Photographer: Cornel Lazia The work is an interior design project of two-level apartment located in Bucharest. The main aim was to create a light, spacious and modern interior.  The plane mirror surfaces create a game between reality and Read More

“See You!” House

Location: Targu Mures, jud. Mures, Romania Concept/Project: a.a. studio- Alex ADAM, Roger POP Collaborators: arh. Mihai Geleletu, arh. Madalina Florea Project year: 2008-2011 Photographer: Cornel LAZIA In terms of conformation and location, the terrain on this specific project has been at least as important as the house itself. Thus mutual conditionings have been by far Read More


Authors: Tecon: arh. Arch. Bogdan Babici, arh. Arch. Lucian Simion Beneficiary: Power net Consulting Structural engineer: ing. Eng. Tunsu Ion Consolidation solutions: ing. Eng. Nicola Gospodinov Electrical engineer: ing. Eng. V. Posticescu Thermal engineer: ing. Eng. F. Cre]u Sanitary installation: ing. Eng. Mihaela Barbu Total floor area: 800 mp sqm Briefly, the project code was Read More

House Renovation

Location: Frumoasa street, Bucharest, Romania Author: Gabriela Tabacu Mapping: Adrian Crăciunescu Structure: Iulian Docheru Installations: Gică Pistalu Program: restauration, change of program, arrangement of the building for company headquarters Site area: 800 sq m Acs. = 290 sq m Acd. = 730 sq m Execution: 2002-2006 Photographs: Cristian Tănase, Radu Sandovici, Gabriela Tabacu The main Read More


Location: Odorheiu Secuiesc, Harghita county Authors: Benedek István, Macalik Arnold Team: Benedek István, Macalik Arnold, Pásztor István Structure: VIRÁG Jácint Installations: ANASTASIU Vlad Proiectare: 2008-2010 Construction: 2009-2012 Built area: 175 sqm Unfolded area: 245 sqm Budget: 150 000 EURO Photographs: Makkai Bence, Kún Ákos, Macalik Arnold, Benedek István Once in front of the entrance of Read More

Giurcăneanu House, Bucharest, 2006

Authors:  ADN BA, arch. Andrei Şerbescu, arch. Adrian Untaru Collaborators:  arch. Sebastian Şerban, arch. Emil Burbea Structural projection: engineer Mircea Sabados Building Contractor: KMB Construct 2002 srl Total built area:  325 sqm Photographs:  Ştefan Tuchilă, the authors, Cosmin Dragomir The house is a compact presence, a parallelipipedic volume positioned on the lateral limit of the Read More

White Apartment

Design Office: PARASITE STUDIO- arh. Bâldea Maja, arh. Wenczel Attila, arh. Toma Claudiu (www.parasitestudio.com) Authors: arh. Bâldea Maja, arh. Wenczel Attila Co-Author: arh. Toma Claudiu Photographs: BÂLDEA MAJA, WENCZEL ATTILA From the first design sketches we tried to get distance from the interventions that have become „standard procedures” in the local scene of designing within Read More

Evolution - Showroom  A[r]telier

Location:  Bucharest, Romania Authors: Alex ADAM, Roger POP Project team: Alex ADAM, Roger POP, Alina BOGHEANU –  a.a. studio Project: 2009 Execution: 2009 Fittings/Construction: Gruppo M Trading – arh. Marius Bîrlan Total floor area: 340 sqm Fotographer: Cornel Lazia When the A(R)TELIER showroom was launched in 2004, Friedrich Schmidt, its designer, tried and managed to Read More

Apartment B.S.

Location: Bucharest, Romania Project Design: Alex Adam, Roger Pop,  Madalina Florea Collaborators:  Claudiu Diamandescu (A[r]telier), Mihai Manea (Bellusso Design), Adrian Dobre (Chemical Laboratories Dobre), Vlad Diaconescu (Roll Service) Project:  2007 Execution:  2007-2008 Photographer:  Cornel Lazia This unconventional interior design for a three rooms apartment combines elements from the pop-art age ,from the aesthetics of the Read More

House B2

Location: Timisoara – Sacalaz, Romania
Author: Bogdan Rat
Coauthors: arch. Lucian Bot, Bogdan Curescu
Built Area: 110 sq m
Property Area: 450 sq m
Year of completion: 2009
Foto: Ovidiu Micsa, Bogdan Raţ, Bogdan Curescu
3D Simulations: Bogdan Buda, Bogdan Rat

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