Jonáš Barn

Location: Teplice Czech Republik Architect: Filip Nosek  Structural Engineer: Marcel Vojanec   Client: Mr. & Mrs. Jonáš   Areas : living – 132 sqm; other: 36 sqm   Project period: 2007–2012   Photographs: Ester Havlová In this project, a traditional 19th century barn located in the Bohemian Uplands is converted into a family home by adding a timber structure Read More

Country House Refurbishment

Location: Tupadly, Czech Republic Head Architects: Jiri Opocensky, Stepan Valouch Structural Engineering: Jan Pohl Completion: 2008 Site area: 1.241 sqm Built area: 245 sqm Gross floor area: 336 sqm Photographs: Tomas Soucek The 170 years old country house stands in a small village in southern Bohemia. The original house consisted of three parts lined up Read More

Residential Containers

Location: Prague – Letna, Czech Republic   Author: Petr Hájek  Living area: 151 sqm   Built-up area: 129 sqm   Enclosed volume: 539 sqm  Completion: 2009   Photographs: Ester Havlova The extension comprises two containers wedged into the roof as a contrasting feature but the original shape of the building remains legible. The containers encase dwelling areas and social Read More

Rounded Loft

Location: Prague, Czech Republic Authors: A1 Architects, MgA. Lenka Křemenová, MgA. David Maštálka Design: 2010 Realization: 2011 Floor area: cca 220 sqm Photographs: A1Architects – MgA. David Maštálka At the beginning of the year 2010 we started designing a grand loft near the center of Prague. An old attic of an appartment building from the Read More

Housing complex Vackov

Authors: UNIT architekti / JiranKohout architekti, Date: 2006 – 2012 Location: Pod Lipami, Prague, CZ Site area: 0,9 ha Build-up area: 3 800 m2 Gross floor area: 13 700 m2 Average number of floors: 3,6 Number of dwelling units: 124 FAR: 1,5 Dwelling units / ha: 132 The housing complex Vackov represents project which emerged Read More


Architects: ov-a Head Architects: Jiri Opocensky, Stepan Valouch Structural Engineering : Jan Pohl Location: Tupadly, Czech Republic Completion: 2008 Site area: 1241 sqm Built area: 245 sqm Total floor area: 336 sqm Photographs:  Tomas Soucek The 170 years old country house stands in a small village in southern Bohemia. The original house consisted of three Read More

Wooden Structures

Location: various locations (Czech Republic) Main architect: prof. Martin Rajniš Architecture is undergoing a crisis. Our buildings no longer satisfy people. How is it possible that cars, ships, aircrafts are satisfying, that they appear beautiful and perfect? Simply because cars have to run, ships sail, aircrafts fly. It is design understood in its full depth, Read More

Reconstruction of the Square in Frýdlant

Project designers: Vladimír Balda, Jiří Janďourek Transportation design: Stanislav Koleník Structural engineer: KCE statika a dynamika staveb s.r.o. Electrical work: HESTO, v.o.s. Water and sewerage: Stanislav Vyskočil General contractor: EUROVIA CS, a. s., Liberec branch Architectural competition: 2002 Project: 2004 Realisation: 2009-2011 The main idea behind the design of the reconstructed square in Frýdlant was Read More


Architects: A.LT architekti (Peter Lacko, Filip Tittelbach, Michal Siska) Project year: 2010-2011 Location: Zbecno, Czech republic Photographer: Tomas Rasl The minimal family house was designed on the area of an existing summer house built in the 50’s. It is located in a landscape protected area Krivoklatsko in a small village Zbecno and there is a Read More


Location:Nové Městečko, Czech Republic Completion date: July 2012 Architect: A.LT ARCHITEKTI (Peter Lacko, Filip Tittelbach, Tereza Schneiderová, Markéta Burešová) Structural engineer:Radek Müller Photographer: Tomáš Rasl The houses have been designed to be used for permanent living and as holiday houses for rent. The development consists of 2 units, each containing 2 apartments that offer flexible Read More


Author: ksa_studeny Credits: Ján Studený, Maroš Bátora, Ladislav Bartko Location: Břeclav, CZ Year: project 2008 – 12, realized 2012 Client : private person Size : 240 m2 Program :family house and the exposition of the railway museum The program of this house is rather unconventional comprising a family house and a railway museum for the Read More

Miura Hotel

Project Location:  Celadna, Czech Republic Completion Date:  July 2011 Design Company:  LABOR13  / martin vomastek, albert prazák, jiri bardodej Area: 1501 sqm Photographer: Tomas Soucek, Martin Vomastek, Ondřej Straka   The construction of the Miura Hotel is not only about the building; it is a sophisticated connection of architecture, design, graphic and art. It coexists Read More

Mecca Club

Programme: Reconstruction of basements club into club mecca
Contractor: J.Dastych co, Prague
Odd furniture: Mobilier Design ltd, Nitra
Built-in furniture: Staněk co, Písek
Location: Prague-Holešovice
Floor area: 124 sq m
Clearance: 3,10 m
Completion date: 2004
Photo: Jiří Skupien

A House in Morina

Architects: ARCHTEAM Czech Republic: Milan Rak, Iveta Rakova, Libor Rydlo, Alexandr Skalicky
Project: 2003-2004
Client: Suk Family
Building area: 53,4 sq m
Total floor area: 93,6 sq m
Structure: Enclosing walls as well as the roof envelope are made from self-supporting sandwich-type panels.
Photographs: Ester Havlova

Pathway through the Deer Moat, Prague Castle

Location: Prague Castle – Deer Moat, Prague 1, Czech Republic
Project designer: AP Atelier, Josef Pleskot, Křístek, Trčka a spol. s.r.o., structural engineers
Co-operating team: The project originated from an initiative and care of the Czech Republic President Václav Havel.
In various stages of the project, the following partners participated in its refinement:
Čestmír Dobeš (Křístek, Trčka a spol. s.r.o.): study, project, implementation;
Josef Pleskot (AP Atelier): study, project , implementation;
Jana Kantorová, Jitka Svobodová (AP Atelier): study;
Jiří Trčka (AP Atelier): architectural co-operation, project, implementation;
Jiří Růžička (Metroprojekt Praha, a.s.): project – special structural engineering, implementation;
Zdeněk Rudolf (AP Atelier): project and construction design;
Jaroslav Langer (Křístek, Trčka a spol. s.r.o.): project – structural engineering;
Kurt Gebauer (sculptor): artistic co-operation, realisation of statues
Isabela Grosseová (AP Atelier): artistic co-operation.
Water management – (SÚPR) Josef Chmelka, Michal Chramosta
Electrical installations – Bohumír Flégl
Landscaping – Eva Vízková
Fire protection – Vlastimil Počta
Engineering – R+V, Vladimíra Růžičková, Hana Vávrová
Supplier: Metrostav a.s., Division 5
Study: June – September 1996
Project: July 2001
Implementation: August 2002
Costs: 1 million EUR
Length of the tunnel: 84m
Foto: Jan Malý, Tomáš Souček

Teahouse – A minimal place to gather

Architect: A1ARCHITECTS / David Maštálka (www.a1architects.cz)

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Construction: April and May 2008 (35 days)
Master of construction: Vojtěch Bilišic , scupltor and carpenter (Slovak Republic)
In cooperation with: Lenka Křemenová, Marta Maštálková, Milan Maštálka, Rudolf Maštálka Dome construction: Jan Bašta
Opponency of diploma project: Terunobu Fujimori , University of Tokyo

Interpreting: Petr Holý, Director of Czech Center in Tokyo
Text translation: Namiko Sakamoto
Surface area: 3,75 sq m
Construction area: 7 sq m
Photographs: Ester Havlová (www.esterhavlova.cz)

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