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East and Central European Architecture Platform! • Marius Miclăuş

Dealul Cerului Project

Location: Birz, Cheile Nerei –Beusnita Reservation Initiator of the project: arch. Marius Miclăuş through Archaeus Foundation Type of project: Rehabilitation of Urban culture and design centre Dealu Cerului Coauthors: Cornelia Miclăuş, Dan Vizman, Nea Costel, Nea Gheorghiţă& Misses Miti and 49 students architects and with the help of Egeria company from Timisoara   The project was born Read More

Restoration of Theresia Stronghold in Timisoara – “The Garden of Dreams”

Coordinator: arch. Marius Miclăuş – Archaeus Project team: stud. arch. Bogdan Raţ, arch. Zsolt Varday, arch. Brîndusa Havasi, arch. Maia Bâldea, arch. Beatrice Lucaci, arch. Nicolae Olteanu, arch. Cristian Blidariu, arch. Vasile Oprisan; ATELIER TREI – arch. Cosmin Bloju, arch. Codruţa Negrulescu, arch. Oana Sârbu, arch. Victor Popovici, arch. Claudia Godean; PARASITESTUDIO – arch. Claudiu Read More

White Dream

Location: Timisoara, Romania Authors: Marius Hârţa, Marius Miclăuş, Cristian Blidariu Co-authors: Mădălina Hârţa, Paul Carabaş Construction: 2007–2008 Strenght: Cristian Palade Installations: Sorin Boruga Area: 530 sqm Budget: 420 € / sq m Photographer: Bogdan Raţ The 189 square meters terrain provided for this development ordered by a group of investors, has challenged the architects involved Read More

Extension of Carol Davila Hospital

Location: Bucharest Authors: arch. Marius Miclăuş, arch. Zsolt Várday, arch. Delia Lazăr, st. arch. Bogdan Raţ Collaborators: arch. Marius Hârţa, arch. Cristian Blidariu (technical project) Structural Engineering: dr. eng. Victor Marinov, eng. Cristian Palade Mechanical Engineering: eng. Mihai Lute Consultancy: arch. Silvia Măldărescu Built area: 5700 sqm Competition: 2005 First Prize at an international competition Read More

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